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NT System Tools

NT System Tools is a suite of utilities for Windows 7-10 x64. Consists of File Launcher sporting auto display changer with pre-post process launcher, Window Explorer, Taskbar Control, Window Control integrating into window close button context menu and window borders, Transparency Control, Display Adapter Configuration to save and recall presets, various system configuration, and much more...

Windows 10 1607 x64 use v5.0.5.0, Windows 7-10 1511 x64 use v4.0.1.8.
Current version release date 1/14/2020 [Requires Windows version 1607 or later].
Beta version release date 7/7/2020 [Requires Windows version 1607 or later]:

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NT System Tools 10
NT System Tools

CPULoad DeskBand

CPULoad Deskband is a Windows 7-10 x64 DeskBand which resides in taskbar displaying CPU usage. Includes a file launcher and configurations for FreeUnusedLibraries, DeleteTempFiles and ProcessingIdleTasks.

Windows 10 1607 x64 use v4.0.3.0, Windows 7-10 1511 x64 use v4.0.0.0.
Current version release date 7/7/2020 [Requires Windows version 1607 or later]:

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CPULoad DeskBand

Image Draw

Image Draw is a Windows 7-10 x64 graphics design application for Image Composition, Drafting, Greeting Cards, Charts…
Default project size: 984x744 pixels (10.25" x 7.75") @ 96 dpi. Application is similar to Photoshop but geared for drawing objects in a CAD environment.

Supported file types: Project files *.idf, Bitmap, PNG, JPEG, TIF, GIF and Icon files.
Supported bit depths: 32-bit, 24-bit, 16-bit 555-565, 8-bit, 4-bit and 1-bit.
Supported export color palette: Wu Color Quantize, Octree Color Quantize, Standard Color Palette with Error Diffusion.

Current version release date 7/7/2020:



Image Draw
Image Draw Calendar

Audio Playback Control

Audio Playback Control is a Windows 7-10 x64 Volume control capable of changing current audio playback device, sporting a master and independent channel levels.

Windows 10 1607 x64 use v3.0.2.0, Windows 7-10 1511 x64 use v2.1.0.2.
Current version release date 12/14/2019 [Requires Windows version 1607 or later]:

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FS Aspect Ratio

FS Aspect Ratio is a Windows XP-10 x86 application for CFS2 that adjusts aspect ratio of simulator screen. It offers a windowed and (windowed) fullscreen mode. FSAR intent is to restore CFS2 4x3 aspect ratio on 16x9 monitors. Offers command-line parameters to start CFS2 at desired settings… CFS2 main menu and ALT-ENTER are intercepted toggling FSAR modes. Includes a system tray icon to refresh, set aspect ratio, exit…

Current version release date 12/23/2018



FS Aspect Ratio

DevCon Control

DevCon Control is a simple wrapper application for Windows DevCon command-line utility sporting a OSD.
Functions: restart, disable and enable (32) O.S. devices.

Current version x86 release date 12/23/2018
Current version x64 release date 10/15/2017